Every day we struggle to keep track of tasks, favourite moments, passwords, shopping list, birthdays. Experience the all in one hassle free way to keep you organized with AIDE – Memoire.
Key Features:


Quick and simple way to capture ideas, write notes, memos, messages, and blogs. Additionally keep reminded of your important notes and password protect your individual notes. 

Days Reminder 

Never forget any of your important events – Birthdays, Anniversary, R.I. P. or any other special moments. Additionally set different notification time to keep you reminded of your important events.


Easy to use way to keep you organized and reminded of your to-do lists, shopping lists etc. with a very cool way to check/uncheck your lists. Additionally you can password protect your list.

General Features 

· Calendar View to plan and keep you organized
· Password Lock your Application
· Back- Up – Email Support to back up your notes, reminders and checklists
· Cool color fonts and sizes to choose

Hope the app helps you organize your tasks,reminders and notes well !!!

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